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KEP Italia Helmets – Safety and Style Combined

For those looking for a perfect combination of safety, style and customisation when it comes to helmets in the equestrian world, KEP Italia is definitely the one to go for! In this blog post we will explore why these Italian-made helmets are so popular among riders by taking a look at their history, features and levels of personalisation available. Get ready to take your riding experience up another level with KEP’s helmet collection!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover KEP Italia Helmets: superior safety, comfort & elegance!
  • Personalize your dream helmet with the amazing KEP Configurator!
  • Experience ultimate style and protection with the KEP Cromo 2.0 Helmet – designed to be lightweight, eco-friendly & feature an integrated chip w/ NFC technology for maximum safety & comfort!

Discover KEP Italia Helmets

KEP Italia Carbon riding helmet

Since its establishment in 2007, KEP Italia has made a name for itself as an innovative force within the equestrian industry. The Italian company creates high-quality helmets that are renowned among horse riders worldwide and exceed safety standards set by both Europe and North America.

Combining style with top of the line materials, their riding helmets provide comfort along with features tailored to meet customers’ individual needs – something other brands often lack or don’t offer at all. All while maintaining enthusiasm towards innovation and respect for others plus environmental awareness, helping them stay ahead of competition even today.

Through continuous commitment to designing custom hats specifically catered to each rider’s preference initially began this success story, one which quickly grew into a well rounded helmet portfolio over time since then! Constantly challenging themselves on bringing superior quality apparel provides two key benefits: ultimate protection while retaining elegance too. Giving those who choose KEP Italia products something special when it comes down fashion choices you make before saddling up your steed!

Not just limited solely Italy based markets either, across numerous countries have seen sporting enthusiasts actively gravitate towards this brand more so than ever especially due recent surge public concern related matters concerning keeping safe during activities such will always remain priority here at home abroad should they decide try out new product ranges anytime soon future come around again.?

The origins of KEP Italia

In 2007, KEP Italia set out to modernize the horseback riding helmet industry with their trademark enthusiasm and innovation. With a dedication to manufacturing helmets of only the finest quality that fit perfectly every time – from custom equestrian hats right through their lineup of liners and traditional riders’ gear – this Italian company has become recognized for its commitment worldwide. Respectful both of people’s individual needs as well as that of our environment along each step in production is at the heart all they do. This attitude guided by core values established early on led them successfully into what it is today: one leading name among many within the world’s equestrian community.

What sets KEP Italia apart

For more than 10 years, KEP Italia has been creating helmets and accessories with an unwavering focus on safety and quality. Their riding helmets range in sizes for a custom fit as they meet the highest industry standards of protection while offering stylish design to make them stand out from other brands.

Kep Italia is dedicated to continuously pushing boundaries when it comes their helmet designs, using advanced technology alongside bold style elements that guarantee riders superior performance plus comfort without compromising safety or elegance within the equestrian world. This allows everyone who wears KEP Italia’s products reap all benefits of great protection along with chic modernity at its best!

Customizing Your Dream Helmet with KEP Italia

KEP Italia helmet safety test

KEP Italia helmets are renowned for their ability to be tailored exactly to the user’s preferences. By using KEP Configurator, a special online tool provided by KEP Italia, customers can create and design their dream helmet with access to vibrant colors, eye-catching graphics and various sizes. With this feature people have an easy way of personalizing each piece so that it truly reflects who they are while keeping safety in mind at all times.

The entire process is quite simple: simply choose what you desire out from the range available through the configurator tool (select your desired size as well as color options and graphic patterns if needed) then hit submit! This level of customisation sets apart these amazing helmets from other brands found on today’s market. Giving everyone freedom to express themselves clearly without compromising protection standards required when wearing such products..

The KEP Configurator

The KEP Configurator is a handy tool that allows customers to create their desired helmet tailored specifically for them. The intuitive interface makes it simple and easy for riders to choose from an extensive selection of design, size, and color options in order to construct the perfect riding headgear suited exactly towards their needs as well as taste.

This remarkable feature grants users the opportunity not only to ensure maximum safety but also express themselves through designing a personalized helmet reflecting individual style while still preserving all necessary features required for optimal protection on the road or track. Whether its classic looks preferred or striking graphics craved, with KEP configurator anyone can craft unique equipment meeting exact requirements!

Popular customization options

Customizing a helmet to one’s individual taste and style has never been easier thanks to KEP Italia. Their collection offers riders the choice between numerous colors, patterns and finishes – including classic shades like black or white as well as brighter ones such as red or dark blue – making sure everyone can find what they are looking for. More advanced services such as airbrushing might be added at request in order to fully personalize your headgear even further. All this explains why so many customers trust the renowned Italian company when it comes to finding both safe yet stylish helmets that fit perfectly with their needs..

The KEP Cromo 2.0 Helmet: A Closer Look

KEP Italia CROMO 2.0

The KEP Cromo 2.0 Helmet is a great representation of the innovation and stylishness that comes with every product created by KEP Italia. Its features, such as multiple finishings/colors options, lightweight design for comfortability plus an adjustable fit system alongside its removable inner lining which can be easily washed sets this helmet aside from all others on the equestrian market in terms of security and style specifications alike.

This unique ventilation configuration combined with the detachable peak Add to rider’s safety while allowing them express their personality at any event they attend without compromising on protection levels due to its meeting high standards when it comes down to ensuring utmost safety measures during rides around different areas across the world regardless how hard one pushes his limits or not!

The bottom line: going along with fashion trends has never been safer than it now is thanks to Kev Italia’s commitment towards continuous improvements within modern protective equipment solutions – making sure riders everywhere take necessary precautions against potential accidents no matter what conditions may come ahead seamlessly integrating form and function together!

Lightweight and comfortable

KEP Italia designed the KEP Cromo 2.0 Helmet with comfort and safety in mind, creating a lightweight feel for riders to enjoy hours of use without feeling weighed down by their helmet. The materials used in construction prioritize both protection from injury as well as providing an enjoyable riding experience.

The soft fabric is sourced from eco-friendly raw material while also featuring leather chin straps that are adjustable and replaceable panels including a visor component integrated into the chip equipped with NFC technology for added security features, all contributing factors to the overall design making it ideal for riders looking for comfortable wearability paired with peace of mind when out on the road or trails!

No matter where they’re off adventuring too, users can trust that this helmet will stay put thanks to its light weight make up. Keeping them safe no matter what kind of ride they take on!

Safety features

KEP Italia is dedicated to providing the highest standard of safety and their KEP Cromo 2.0 Helmet lives up to that promise, adhering to European EN 1384 and ASTM F1163 standards as well as obtaining certification from Italy’s Ministry of Health. Riders can enjoy equestrian sports with peace of mind knowing they are protected by this helmet’s superior features.

The inner shell absorbs shocks while a reinforced outer shell contributes even more protection against potential injuries. Plus there is an adjustable chin strap for added security along with a quick-release buckle ensuring easy removal when needed without having any extra bulk or weight weighing down on your head during activities.

When it comes to riding safely, trust in KEP Italia’s technology – the KEP Cromo 2.0 Helmet has all you need!

Style and elegance

KEP Italia helmets are well known for their fashionable and chic appearance, and the KEP Cromo 2.0 Helmet is certainly no exception. Offering a range of finishes including black or shine black with its slender design, this helmet will make quite an impact in any equestrian environment.

The construction on the KEP Cromo 2 has been carefully crafted to include not only style but also safety features such as a unique ventilation system plus a removable peak so that riders can maintain both protection and personal fashion preferences all at once while wearing it!

Allowing you to safely keep up with your style game. When looking for quality helmets, you know that KEP Italia means optimum safety combined with excellent design choices – giving you exactly whatyou need without having to compromise!

Caring for Your KEP Helmet

Optimizing your KEP helmet’s performance and lifespan is possible with proper maintenance. Regular cleaning, To correct storage are both crucial for preserving the highest standard of security and comfort that a KEP helmet provides. Here we will explore how best to clean as well as store it. When it may be time for you to get a new one also can be determined from these practices. With appropriate care, not only is safety maintained but style too!

Cleaning and storage

To maintain the quality of your KEP helmet, regular cleaning with a soft, moist cloth should be done. Wipe the exterior and let it dry in room temperature air to prevent dirt from adhering or gathering inside. Through this daily practice you’ll keep maximum safety levels and optimum comfort at all times.

For preserving its structure intact against external elements like sunlight & varying temperatures/humidity levels, storing appropriately is necessary – store it in an area that’s cool & free of moisture for optimal preservation results! In doing so you can make sure your KEP Helmet remains secure while still providing great protection and convenience as well.

When to replace your helmet

Regular maintenance and care is key to maintaining a safe KEP helmet, which should be replaced every three to five years depending on its usage. Be sure to inspect the outer shell, padding and straps for any signs of wear or damage that would warrant an immediate replacement. If there has been substantial impact in your helmet as well – even if it’s not visible, then replacing this equipment will guarantee maximum protection along with superior comfort from KEP Italia.

KEP Italia in the Equestrian World

KEP Italia headquarters

KEP Italia has been an influential figure in the equestrian world for over 30 years, offering a range of products which fuse safety and style. Their helmets are endorsed by athletes from all disciplines—amateur to professional alike–and have numerous collaborations with top brands and organizations within the sport. This success is reflected through their many satisfied customers who manage remarkable results wearing KEPItalia’s gear- truly exemplifying their dedication to innovation while maintaining protective standards .

Endorsements and partnerships

KEP Italia has been fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the best riders in equestrian sports, such as Isabell Werth, Andrew Hoy and Marcus Ehning. This affords them great exposure while simultaneously allowing these professionals access to their most current technologies when it comes safety and style for themselves or their horses.

Through its partnerships with noteworthy competitors in this field, KEP hopes not only increase recognition of their brand but also Upholds its pledge ensure that all those who take part are properly outfitted both inside the arena and on-the-go. Granting comfort along side security at any time they mount a horse!

Success stories

The Italian equestrian world has seen the impact of KEP Italia’s commitment to safety and innovation in various successes, such as Italy coming out on top at the 2018 Longines Fei Endurance World Championship and their team winning 2019 European Championships. Riders have come to know that when it comes to helmets, they can count on KEP Italia for a dependable product offering both style and security. All these demonstrate how passionate they are about developing high-quality head protection solutions with an innovative edge. This enthusiasm certainly shows in their continued success stories around the globe.


KEP Italia is an excellent producer of equestrian helmets which combine safety, style and comfort. Their dedication to advancement and partnership with well-known brands in the equine world as well as numerous positive stories are proof that KEP Italia leads the market. If you choose a helmet from them, not only do you get optimal protection but also unique look perfect for any occasion within the horsey community, all thanks to its customizability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are Kep helmets?

KEP helmets are safe and certified for wear in the U.S., Canada, and many European countries, receiving American and Canadian SEI Certification as well as European CE Certification – perfect for a secure and worry-free ride!

Where are Kep helmets made?

Kep helmets, crafted with the utmost attention to detail in Italy and inspired by current fashion trends, are a statement of quality. The excellence that is put into every KEP helmet makes them proudly Italian-made.

What is a kep hat?

Kep hats were traditional, colorful, Fair Isle headgear worn by Scottish fishermen while out fishing on the sea. They featured a liner to keep the wearer warm and some even had tassels or other decorations at the top.

How do you measure for a Kep helmet?

Getting the ideal fit for a KEP helmet is simple. Start by encircling your head with a tape measure, making sure to go just above where both ears join the skull and right across through your forehead in line with about an inch over your eyes!

Ensure you have perfect comfort as well as great style while wearing one of these helmets from KEP.

Are Kep helmets safer?

KEP helmets give you protection while keeping up with fashion trends. Constructed from the best materials available and made using advanced methods, KEP makes for a great choice when it comes to headgear, safety AND style are guaranteed! With these sleek helmets in your possession, riders will have peace of mind knowing they look amazing while staying safe on the road.