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Equestrian equipment – where to begin?

Equestrian equipment for beginners – where to start?

Horse riding is a sport growing in popularity. It no longer is associated with entertainment for the rich ones, and there are more and more people trying their luck at horse riding. They are not only for children but also adults, looking for a new hobby. If you or your child are planning to take up equestrianism, you should equip yourselves with several basic accessories necessary for every rider. Below, you will find equestrian equipment for beginners.

Kingsland breeches on world famous dressage rider, Charlotte Dujardin

Breeches – a special type of seamless pants made (usually) of elastic materials. They have special strengthening on the buttocks and inner side of the tights to protect the rider’s skin from possible chafing and to provide proper adhesion to the saddle.

Young rider with Samshield Premium Helmet

Helmet / toque – a virtually inherent item of equestrian equipment providing safety in case of an accident. It is a type of helmet protecting not only the rider’s head but also the chin.

Tall Boots made by Sergio Grasso (himself on the photo)

Horse riding shoes – there are two types of these: jackboots reaching over the ankles and jodhpurs reaching the ankle. The longer the shoes, the better, since then they better protect the leg from potential chafing.

Prestige Italia saddles

Saddle – another necessary item of any equestrian equipment, without it you would not mount your horse. Saddles differ depending on their intended use. Recreation saddles would look completely different than saddles for show jumping.

Eskadron saddle cloths collection

Saddle cloth – it is a special pad for under the saddle that is supposed to protect the horse’s back from chafing. It is usually made of soft and absorbent material that would both protect and absorb moisture preventing overheating or chilling.

Samshield Shiel’Rup pink gold stirrups

Stirrups – metal handles attached to the saddle for holding the rider’s feet. Necessary for keeping a proper position in the saddle. Stirrups hang from leather stirrup straps.

Eskadron Classic Sports halter for horse

Halter – a bridle put on the horse’s head. It is usually made of a leather band. You can use it to steer the horse’s muzzle.

The mentioned items of equestrian equipment are not the only ones you could buy while taking up your adventure with horse riding. There are numerous accessories both for riders and horses available on the market. The above list mentions the bare minimum you should purchase before your first ride. If you worry that you might pick low quality or plain wrong accessories, you should ask the experts working in equestrian stores or stables, they will surely help you chose the perfect equipment for you and your horse.